Enjoy the world that expands by your imagination with f-pzl, vivid and colorful craft materials.
f-pzl has won the Kids Design Association Chairman’s Award.

Basic pieces

・Size 2×2”

・Material: polyester 100% felt


・The extra-thick felt increases the elasticity of the piece. You can make a three-dimensional piece more easily.

・It has a lemon-shaped hole that is easy to find. Even a child’s small fingers can easily connect it.

How to Wash

・You can safely wash f-pzl in a laundry net in your washing machine.

・To dry, keep it in the net and store it in a cool, dry place. Alternatively, it can be put into a dryer inside the net.

・ The materials can be boiled for sterilisation.

・ Set the temperature to low when ironing.