What is f-pzl ?

 f-pzl™ is a small soft square piece made of felt. Anyone can play with it in the very simple connect method that allows the creation of various fascinating works, not only 2D but also 3D! Twist, fold, bend, connect, build, craft – possibilities are endless. f-pzl™ offers hours of skill crafting play for children, adults, and seniors. Playing with f-pzl™ puzzles improves children’s abilities, especially creativity, dexterity, and imagination.

Inspiration for connecting methods

Around 2000 At the very beginning, I was inspired by “Tezuna Knot” a decorative cutting used in Japanese cooking. In this decorative cut, a flat surface suddenly changes into a three-dimensional one. I began to think of ways to expand this method.

It was in 2010 that I finalised the design image. I started building a prototype. To check the novelty of the design, I entered it in some Japanese award and won several prizes. I searched for the best materials to express this design. It was in 2016 that I found the right balance between material, production and price. Since then, the number of items has been increased and more instructions and videos on how to make them have been added.。


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About us

About us

Company namef-pzl Inc.
Founder CEOHiromi Nishijima
Company Address.5-26,Isuzu-cho, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka,
567-0842, Japan
BusinessThe development of felt unit f-pzl. Planning, design and sale of various educational toys, plane puzzles, three-dimensional puzzles and hobby-related materials using f-pzl.
Capital1 million yen
Date of EstablishmentAugust 22, 2012

Corporate history

In 2010The first f-pzl was launched. It was inspired by Tadzuna-musubi of konjac, or yam cake, knotted like a hand net.
In 2010We received the Yokohama Quilt Weekwear Category Excellence Award.
In 2011We received the 2011 Japan Hobby Award.
In 2012We were selected by the Osaka Prefectural Industrial Promotion Organization for the Design Produce Industrial Promotion Project.
In 2012f-pzl Inc. was established.
In 2013We obtained a utility model right, trademark right, and design rights.
In 2014We acquired five European design rights, a US trademark right, and a Chinese trademark.
In 2014We were selected by Kyoto City for the Project Kyoto award.
In 2014We were broadcasted nationwide on NHK’s Good Morning Japan’s TV program Machikado Information Bureau featuring use at home.
In 2014We were adopted by the Kansai Wide Area Union Craft 14.
In 2016We were awarded the Kids Design Award Association Chairman’s Award.
In 2017We were selected in Osaka Product Plan.
In 2018We released the f-pzl Vivid Colour.
In 2019Our company was awarded the Quilt Japan Contest DMC Award.
In 2020We launched the f-pzl Metallic Colour.
In 2021We launched the f-pzl mini.

Contuct us

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We also offer consultation on event planning and new product development.

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